Ok, so this may be in the wrong place, but I couln't think of a better place to post this but here goes......

I am part of a little emsemble at school. I play electric guitar, my one friend playes electric bass, my other friend plays drums and a girl in my class plays piano. So now we want to play the song Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. Done. So now we have to jazz it up a little. Turning rock into jazz is interesting. The drums is covered, so now I'm left with guitar, bass and piano.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to jazz up this song for Bass, Piano, and Guitar???
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Make the girl play jazzy chords and you solo over the chords. Bass provides jazzy bassline

edit: also, you could switch around halfway the song between piano as rhytm and guitar as lead to piano as lead and guitar as rhythm.
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play it in a swung rhythm. if you don't know what that is your teacher will help you to understand it. my old band used to play Raining Jazz which was basically raining blood swing style. one of my current bands plays Evaporating Blood where we swap guitars (R/h for L/h and vice versa) and play it upside down.
waling bass line, you have to play chords that are jarring (7th's, augs, dims, 9ths, 13ths, etc), piano plays the same ish chords...

all in all it will be fairly difficult, turning a pop song (which will simple chords) to a jazz song (with complex chords, and uneasy harmony) ... but if the piano takes care of the coplex chords, ad you go down the soloing rote, you better be nifty at improvising chromatics and phrasing
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