I am looking for a pretty cheap amp, preferably under $200. My guitar is only worth around $300 so it would be pretty silly to buy an amp that cost more than my guitar 0_0

I am currently playing on a cheapo 10 or 15 watt amp, I dont think it even has a brand =[

An amp with preloaded settings and effects is pretty cool, and the Roland Micro Cube and the Line 6 Spider III (15Watt) both looked great and were in my price range. Now here's the problem. I understand that the Spider III has more guitar preset effects, but the Micro Cube is much more portable.

I practice mainly in my room and dont move my amps around much, so would the line 6 be the better choice? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Spider 3-

Micro cube-
Not really, its actually the best idea ever to get an amp that costs more than your guitar. Since that's where the majority of your sound comes from. But its up to you.

I'd go with the microcube, neither would be bad amps tbh just for jamming in your bedroom at low volumes, but the cube does have much better modeling and effects. The spider sounds very digital and unnatural.

Also check out the Vox DA5.
and start flaming..... now.

Seriously, its best to try them out for yourself and judge by your own ears. A lot of people think Spider IIIs are crap, but i found it better than the Cube IMHO.
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I have a spider (II) myself and I play on a cube 30 in our rehearsal room, it's not mine, but it's really a rockin' amp, comparing to my spider, my spider actually sucks. but I like the spider because I can control all my presets by my feet, the cube has no footcontroller...
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Wait.. so you guys recommend and amp more expensive than your guitar?

You bet. The amp I'm getting will cost over $700, while my most expensive guitar is $400.
Quote by xAbre120
Wait.. so you guys recommend and amp more expensive than your guitar?

yup, and i would say the spider is a great practice amp. that's what i would get, just don't get a larger one down the road mkay?
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You bet. The amp I'm getting will cost over $700, while my most expensive guitar is $400.

Same here!! my amp cost $1000+and my guitar is only $200+ (got a good deal with my C-1 blackjack lol, and its brand new in the box)
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First of all, I would rather have a more expensive amp. Your sound is mainly from your amp not your guitar. Secondly, you should try both out and then decide. If you cant get to a store, a lot off people like the microcubes and hate the spiders but ive played a spider and it didnt seem to bad but you might as well forget buying any pedals for it.
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Don't get the Spider - you'll regret it.

The Roland Microcube would be perfect.