I just downloaded photoshop from bearshare and i've finihed installing it. However it needs to be registered online or it will stop working in 30 days the 'grace period' of something. There was a read me in file i downloaded that said 'After install copy all files from "\crack\" dir in program dir and overwrite!' and i dont know what that means. There is a 'Crack' folder i just don't know what to do with it.
Can you guys tell me what to do.
Paste into the Photoshop folder.
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ip traces and shizz.

but regardless, i wouldnt know, i brought my copy <i>legally</i>
Highly unlikely you'll get caught for downloading software. The software developers won't go after you like the RIAA and MPAA do with music and movies. However, xConverge makes a good general point, in that you should refrain from discussing how you obtained such software (if obtained in not exactly *legal* ways).

All you need to do is exactly what it says--copy the files in the /Crack folder into the Photoshop program folder, ie. "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3". Hit "OK" when it prompts you to overwrite.
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