I’m primarily a funk and jazz guitarist, so about four months ago I got myself a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe which has been almost perfect for me and my band. My main setup will be complete later this week when I’ve ordered my MIA Deluxe strat to go with that - at which point I’d like to start thinking about secondary gear.

First off, I realized at a gig last night that I should probably get a smaller tube amp for house parties and stuff because to get real tube tone you really have to crank it. 40W is just to much for some gigs and ideally I’d like something that’s a little easier to carry around.

I’m also seriously missing that bluesy distorted sound of SRV, Mayer and Hendrix. You can kind of replicate it with the Hot Rod but there’s just something I hate about the drive channel. So considering I’d also like to look at some JS and Vai at some point, maybe it should be more geared up to do crunchy and distorted tones.

I was thinking -

Peavy Classic 30

Marshall DSL401

Laney VC30

Vox AC30

Which one of those would you pick?

Next up, I'm looking for a backup guitar as I'll be selling the guitars I own now and I would like something a little better than a Squire and a PRS knock-off. Considering I also love my jazz and strats aren't excellently equipped for that, a semi-hollow would do the trick.

PRS SE Custom

Warshburn WI67 Pro

Ibanez AS103

Any preference or other suggestions?

Thanks for the help!