I play an Epiphone Les Paul Classic and a Mexican Strat through a Marshall VS102R (2 speaker valvestate combo) and if I have to use another amp (support slots and the like) I'll use the Marshall GV-2 Overdrive - more for ease of use instead of an unfamiliar footswitch than anything.

Recently I've decided I want to change both pickups on the Epi to something a bit more dynamic and responsive, and put a singlecoil sized humbucker in the bridge position on my Strat so i can play some heavier things and still get the lovely cleans and crunches from the neck pickup of the same guitar.

Based on prices on ebay, I'm looking at Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro2s or Pearly Gates for the Epi and Hot Rails for the Strat. Which would be best in each case for what I'd call playing in a sort of Zakk Wylde way (pinches and other little harmonic things... but still having decent clean tone), but with a sort of Maiden/80's Thin Lizzy live tone? Would there be an option better than any these for similar money?

Please and thanks.