Excellent COndition, if youre looking you know what it does. Pay pal or cashiers check only. no personal checks. Pick up available for those in the New Jersey Area.

SR-16 - $70.00 + shipping and packing
comes with drum machine and power supply

will trade for a Boss Ac-3 pedal as well.

The party interested must pay before item will ship and for trades must send traded item before item will be shipped.

I am looking for an AC-2 or an AC-3 pedal once I get one this item will be F/S only.
A few questions...

1. Do you ship to Europe?

2. Do I have to input the sounds from a computer to the machine?

3. Does it have to be used in a specific PA/Amplifier?

Cheers =]
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listen to metal.
1. no euro
2. you can program it right on the machine sounds already there.
3. you can use it with headphones or through PA for live use.