Hi there folks... I need the Iron Man (Sabbath) tab from total guiar.. I started learning the solo last year or year before.. and couldnt learn it.. I remember half of it.. ish... and Ive lost that Total Guitar... I think it had all the legends on the cover... It definately had slash on the cover... cant think of the year now though.. Probably 2005... march or april... no sure... Ye if anyone has it (and has a scanner) can you please scan the tab and Ill pm you my email address....

ehrm.. ur at one of the biggest Tab sites.. search for it..
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The ones UG start the solo on the 9th 10th frettish... i need the version that starts on the 2nd fret where you hammer on to 4th and etc etc,... Ill learn the otehr version if I cant find it obviosly.. but since TG is a popular magazine I though someone might have it....