Hey guys,

It's been a while since I last asked your help on buying a new electric guitar and sadly, I'm still a little short on cash (aren't we all) and I've been reviewing my choices not just based on their features but also availability. In my country, good guitars are very hard to find, mostly just local guitars with very poor quality.

These three are the most realistic choices for me, personally, so I'm listing them here. I play metal, blues and even a bit of pop. I have small hands so the neck quality is very important.

Ibanez Prestige Series


I've been a big fan of Ibanez guitars ever since I tried their Presitge models a few years back. They're extremely easy to play and sound great. The Herman Li model in particular has some great features like an Edge-Zero trem, some great stock pickups by DiMarzio, 24 frets (20-24 scalloped) and push-pull coil tap. It's kinda reminiscent of the JEM but a little less garish. The only realy problem I have is that the humbuckers cannot be used at the same time. I can't find any friggin pics of the thing so I just put the site with the specs.

Edwards E-HR-145QM


I've never heard of the brand before but I believe it's a subsidiary of ESP since I first saw it in the Japanese ESP website. I love how ESPs feel; very sturdy and solid. This model is neckthrough, has an Original Floyd Rose, SD APH-1n (neck)/SD TB-5 (bridge) pickups, 24 frets and a push-pull coil tap as well. The neck is a bit chunkier than the Ibanez but it's still pretty thin.

EBMM JP6 BFR-1 John Petrucci Model


This one has been giving me GAS for a while now and it's the most expensive of the three. It's got custom DiMarzio pickups, an optional piezo system, and a Musicman Trem. The trem in particular is very cool since it's a floating trem with NO locking nut but it stays in tune quite well. This is a big plus for me since I really find tuning a guitar with a Floyd to be tiresome. The neck is bolt-on which gives me some concern with sustain but a lot of the reviews I've seen are positive. The specs in the site is on the JP6 standard model which has a basswood body; I believe the BFR models use a combination of alder and maple (or was it mahogany?).

Looking forward to your opinions guys!
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anybody thinking that the EBMM is just starting to look SLIGHTLY like his old Ibanez? I think so.
Edwards FTW.
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Quote by Eric 666
anybody thinking that the EBMM is just starting to look SLIGHTLY like his old Ibanez? I think so.

I can deifnately see how it is.

Anyway I'd probably go for the Ibanez or the Musicman.
If I went Edwards I'd probably go for the Kiko Loureiro or the production model which is similar.

Anyway the Herman li signature is looking like one of the best Ibanezes of 08 so far so that's a good buy and the JP sig has always been a great guitar.
I'd say the Ibanez, simply because of the great pickup mode variety. Otherwise, I'd take the EBMM, assuming it's the real deal and not the cheap one...
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I'd go for the music man because the tremolo is very nice even though its not double locking, the DiMarzio pickups, but the fretboard turns me off, as I hate Rosewood fretboards, if it had a maple fretboard, I'd hit it lol.
Ibanez or MM would be the better choices.
I'd probably take the MM.

Quote by Phil ze impaler
The Ibanez all the way
very realiable guitars and the ZR trem has no comparison

It has the EDGE-Zero Trem, not the ZR.
The EZ uses knife edges but similar to that of a fulcrum trem using sections/notches for it to rest on.
The ZR uses ball bearings.
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It has the EDGE-Zero Trem, not the ZR.
The EZ uses knife edges but similar to that of a fulcrum trem using sections/notches for it to rest on.
The ZR uses ball bearings.

i didn't know that.
I thought it was just like the S series
cause the ZR is a great system
The EBMM is in a completely different league.

I had one in my hands not too long ago and it was an incredibly solid instrument.

The E gen will probably be quite similar to the rest of the S Pretige series, but i have to admit it does look nice.

I have no experience with the Edwards, but seem to be good value.

Having tried both the regular as well as the BFR JPM guitars, I'd say that the price difference between the regular and the Reserve isn't really worth it; unless you want a figured top or a painted neck, of course.

One note though, you were worried about the sustain on the EBMM. Like with many well constructed bolt on joints, sustain isn't a problem. The idea that a neck through would increase the sustain by much is something that I've never heard/experienced myself.
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i'd probably go with the EBMM, based on the models I've tried (haven't tried the petrucci). I haven't tried that model of edwards either. nor the ibanez. lol. this is going well.

can you try all 3?
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i dont know about the edwards,but i own a ibanez 540s jap custom made and a ebmm silo.both good ,but i love the silo.