I'll be honest, I'm pretty weak, and my Squier Telecaster Custom hurts my back if I play it for more that 2 hours at a time. Any suggestions on how to stop the back pain?
sit down and play?

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get a thicker strap... it does wonders... also make sure you are standing up straight other wise the guitar puts tension where it shouldn't
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Get stronger or sit down, really those are your options.
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Get a strong strap, and experiment with the height. Most people find it easier and more comfortable to play with their guitar high up, but some find it more comfortable and easier with the guitar slung lower. Also consider holding the guitar at more/less of an angle.
Have a break for an hour or so.
Not only will that help your back, but it will help stave off RSI in your wrist.
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Grab a router and go wild, just remember to stay in the areas covered by the pickguard.

Everyone is gonna tell you it will make your guitar sound bad but as long as you leave a bit of wood around the pickups it will sound pretty much exactly the same. If not a bit more resonant than it was pre-routering.
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Wide strap, make sure its adjusted properly, sit down between sets. Maybe look into a back brace. A very wide leather belt done up tight may help. Watch your posture. Stand up straight so the center of gravity is correct.
Do crunches every other day to strengthen the abdominal muscles, may need to lose some weight.
Rub Icyhot on it.
Seriously, my back was killing yesterday and when I put some icyhot on it and sat down to watch some movie, when the movie was over, my back felt much better.
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Quit being a puss?

Seriously though, just take a break for a minute. Stretch, crack your back, whatever.
It happens to me too sometimes, but I get really stiff and it hurts to move.
To prevent the stiffness/pain stand up straight, don't stay in one spot, and don't stay all ridid and stiff.
In the end, you'll get used to it and it won't hurt. The more you play standing, the easier it gets and the quicker you'll get used to it.
honestly, i think you're best bet is to do simple back stretches...i have back problems, so guitar used to hurt me alot when i played standing up too, but stretches make your back stronger, so it really helps. Oh, and also, getting stronger does wonders as well. Hope this helps
i find if i sit down i break my back, if i stand up and play im fine for HOURS, or even DAYS.