I was looking to buy the american standard strat, preferably with the HSS pickups

However, as fender has just released the new 2008 ones, I don't know what to get, considering they are slightly more expensive.

Are the 2008 models worth the £50-£70 more than the older single coil ones?

And seeing as the 2008 HSS version is quite a bit more, how much difference does the humbucker at the bridge make over the single coil ones? I have only been able to try it out in a noisy shop

oh right your considering one of the new ones fender is releasing. hm honestly i doubt anyone can give u a good opinion on this matter considering no one has even tried the new 2008 unless they work at the factory or something. but i can tell you this. the older fat strats are pretty awesome and the hum just gave it more of a punch when you need it
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considering no one has even tried the new 2008 unless they work at the factory or something.

The new ones are out, in fact I ordered mine a few weeks ago and got it last Thursday.

I love mine, the new neck is the best I've played. Part of the reason why I bought it though was that they didn't have my colour before (Sienna Sunburst maple fretboard). I haven't been able to use it enough to really form a good opinion on it yet, I'm still sort of in the "honeymoon phase". At first I was surprised at how well it stayed in tune, so I decided that either the new bridge does what Fender claims, or I'm switching to Fender Bullet strings. I strung it up with my normal Slinkies today, and so far it still seems to be at least as good.

Mine is the SSS version. One thing I guess you might want to remember if you are looking at the HSS version is that the older HSS models had S-1 switching, but the 2008's doesn't.

but yeah, I felt the price difference was worth it, and I still do, however one could probably find some nice older ones on discount now also.
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hey whoismilan: I hear they changed the finish on them. Is it still glossy, or is the finish thinner? Or does it feel like a faded model?
Yes it's supposedly thinner, but it still both looks and feels like a normal glossy finish to me.