I can play the following 2 things

Smoke on the Water-Deep Purple


Whater are some other good ones to practice
enter sandman, living loving maid,nirvana, green day depends what u wanna work on. Single string, string skipping, power chord.
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80s rock, classic rock, classic metal
walk this way by aerosmith
wake me up when spetember ends by green day
attitude song by steve vai
day tripper by te beatles
sunshine of your love by cream
enter sandman by metallica
one by metallica
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Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult

Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream

Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor

Come As You Are by Nirvana

Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Living After Midnite by Judas Priest

Killing In The Name Of by RATM

Misery Business by Paramore

Can't Stop by RHCP
Top 15:
Neutral Milk Hotel
Smashing Pumpkins
Elliott Smith
Devendra Banhart
Eve 6
The Clash
Imogen Heap
Ingrid Michaelson
Minus The Bear
The Replacements
Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst
Well first off: I suggest you try practicing the Smoke on the Water like this, it's better for keeping up strong calluses:


Then I would say, learn Enter Sandman by Metallica, Iron Man by Sabbath (not as difficult as it sounds), also try - That beginning acoustic bit in front of Metallica's Battery ( its good practice as well): http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/m/metallica/battery_tab.htm

Try this too, its a good practice, and fun to listen too. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/m/misc_computer_games/diablo_-_tristram_town_tab.htm

Make sure you get in some chord practice, too. It helps to start early with those instead of waiting like I did - Now I have constant trouble with them.
Hells Bells - AC/DC
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Day Tripper - Beatles
Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream
Paranoid - Black Sabbth
Start learning chords, that way you'll be able to play some songs.
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The intro riff to Fade to Black by Metallica


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Yeah, start chords, get those down fairly well, then try almost anything by Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Nirvana, lots of bands like that. You'd be surprised at how easy some songs are compared to how they sound. Try a wide variety of genres, and always check the beginner song sticky. Just don't try anything really complicated (Megadeth, Racer X, anything shred) because you'll get discouraged and want to quit. I've seen that happen to lots of my friends. In a few months you'll be ready for some Guns N' Roses and you will probably be able to start on the previously mentioned bands' solos.
Thrash metal. Case closed, lol.

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The song I'm just learning now is prayer of the refugee, its really easy im pretty much done it now. It took me about 2 hours maybe a bit less.

Iron man

Woman by wolfmother as well, this was the first song I learned.
Sunshine of your love is also a great one.
you should try "things" by meatpuppets once you learn some power chords it pretty easy
sweet dreams by marilyn manson .. today by smashing pumpkins
I broke my G string
Around the world-red Hot Chilli Pepers
What i've done-Linkin Park
the intro to Breath-Breaking Benjamin
AC/DC and Motorhead have lots of easy riffs. Try Hells Bells and maybe Love Me Like A Reptile.
master of the puppets is a great riff to try when youve got basic power chords...then try one for some simple picking. and when you want to learn basic palm muting stuff i cant reccomend like light to flies by trivium enough, its a simple palm mute top play second string riff, takes a bit at first, but after a bit of trying it becomes simple
oh and the absolute best starter riff there is, i learned this before smoke on the water, is sanitarium (but rather than playing it as a harmonic play it as a note on the 12s). i learned it all way up to the intro solo and its great, not too fast, and it creates a solid base for your power chords
Try to do chromatics to it will help with your finger dependency you'll be able to play more things with this dependance.