Ok so ive recently started learnin some blues, which im really enjoying...and im gonna get a les paul elitist so i gotta learn my blues! jw what kind of songs you all would reccomend? specifically. Thanks!
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Just saying blues can cover alot of things, but basically learn your blues scales, look up some clapton, BB king, and jam along
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Blues forum? Jay kay.

Check out some Buddy Guy. He's friggin' awesome. B.B. King is always good too.
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I would recommend SRV, but his stuff is kinda challenging. Buddy Guy does kick some major patukey, and Eric Clapton does too.
What I did, is play my 2004 crossroads DVD (gotta get the new one), and I establish what key they're playing in, and jam along.
It's real fun, and you really can't do anything wrong, because everyone on the dvd is just jamming anyways too. You can be their 5 or 6th guitarist (or play a bassline throughout if ur a bassist).
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BB King
Muddy Waters
Albert King
Rory Gallagher
Eric Clapton/Cream (i'm not into this much)
John Lee Hooker
Johnny Winters
Gary moore
John Mayall and the BluesBreakers
Robert Johnson.

The list goes on, however I prefer to get a backing track, be it to a song or just a jam track, then improvise over the pentatonic or blues scale, then incorporate other scales to make it sound your own.
imo blues is mostly about licks/riffs, so as people above mentioned, check out claptons, bb kings licks/riffs. Also, check what ur playing in theory, what notes, degrees, check some harmony stuff out, u'll get a much better overview of what ur playing and what u can create on ur own Aaand, study artists, study their playstyle, their favorite positions etc... Well, u got my point
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Yeah to get the maximum range of blues tones from your LP, here's a quick list of what you gotta do

Clean Tones - just add some reverb

-Albatross (Fleetwood Mac)
-Thrill is Gone (BB King, well, pretty much anything from BB King)

Light/Moderate Overdrive - get those tOObs cranked

-Hideaway (Bluesbreakers w/EC)
-All Your Love (Bluesbreakers w/EC)
-Mannish Boy (Muddy Waters)
-Key to the Highway (Derek and the Dominos versions my fave, but its a blues standard)

Moderately Overdriven - ear damage

-Crossroads (Cream)

Yes, Tone Nazi alert!, but IMO a LP is perfect for the blues and you gotta show off that natural orgasmo-tone
I like to use my strat when i'm playing blues. when I use my LP I tend to get too much feedback when it's overdriven.