Thats the thing.. i dont have a distortion pedal.. i cant find any.. this country SUCKS.. the guitar shops SUCKKKKK, they're also TOOO FAR im getting one soon (hopefully) thanks anyways
That's really good if you've only been playing a few months. I'm not a big Hammett fan at all, but you are definitely good at playing that. My only advice would be try to use your pinky more on the parts after the tapping. It might seem awkward now, but it'll help you play things easier in the long run.
Pretty good, but work on your rhythm. And I'm pretty sure the part right after the tapping bit is tremolo picking. I think your distortion's fine, don't worry about sounds until you can play the solo close to perfectly.
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Really good, considering the amount of time you've been playing
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Nice work man! But try to keep the whole solo at one certian BPM instead of goiing faster, and then slower... Still kickass
You're on the right track, but it gets super sloppy towards the end. Just keep practicing, you'll get it down. Gj for the small amount of time you've been playing though.
I thought it was great . What you could improve has already been said, so keep practicing and it'll be perfect.
Great job man, You can play that after only 6-8 months????????? I been at this stupid thing for 3 years and I can't come close to that, LOL.


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