I was looking at the Alexi Laiho signature guitars from ESP last night, and I notioced something abnormal - the guitars only have one pickup at the brigde. Why would ESP only put in one pickup? Doesn't that seriously limit your tonal options? Also, would it be possible to have a neck pickup installed, or is there essential hardware there that can't be cut into? - the answer is probably 'no' and I'm being dumb but I'm just curious

here are some links to the guitars if you wanna look at them

Expensive model

Affordable Model

Bolt-On neck model
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Theres only 1 pickup because thats what Alexi uses.

And I resent that claim of "LOL 1 PICKUP ISN'T VERSITAILE OLO". 1 Pickup can do a lot of things, its just how you use it.
Some people like the simplicity of one pickup. This configuration isn't too odd though and can be found on many 80's or 80's-styled, like Charvels to name a few.

You could add another pickup, but this will involve a lot of routing and you might damage the paint so badly it will need refinishing.
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