I want to sign up for my own ebay account, but it says i need to be 18+ old

Im only 16, what risks are there that they'll find out my age? And are there any other pre 18 ebay users out there

can you just get your parents to sign up with their names? then you dont have to worry about it.
Yes, lots.

It's fine
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yea i use it
if you're real apprehensive make it in a parents name but theres no real way to discover you are just don't sound immature when you message people
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lol i made mine was i was 14, you definitly can but ur gona need a paypal/credit card number if ur buy stuff. At least a Paypal if ur selling ****
wow why are you worrying about it? just sign up, say ur 18 and if u wanna but something put it in your parents name since im sure they'll be using their credit card.
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i had an eBay business when i was 14 years old. set up entirely by me including verified paypal acount. dont worry about it
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I signed up for an account when I was 16.

The cops were at my door in 5 seconds.
i made mine when i was 11
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I use my parents eBay's account. Basically I buy stuff and give them the money its a full proof plan.