i just wish i had a good reason to get one... like if i was in a gigging band... or even in ANY kind of band.

but anyway, way back when i used to have a Gibb'er LP Deluxe. all things being equal in regards to hardware (bridge, pickups, tuners) i was wondering how the EC would compare. Resonance, sustain, neck shape, wieight, thickness of body. i wont go test one out because i don't go near places like GC, Sam Ash, etc etc.
Hmm... Well the Gibby is going to have better quality hardware and tone woods. It'll resonate better too. The EC guitars are thinner and have thinner necks, they weigh less too. If your Gibby has a long neck tenon, it will probably sustain better.

They may look similar but they sure as hell don't play similar. I'd go out and try them.
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