Where to start playing guitar? I got an electric and just want to be able to get trough songs. Do I start with scales? Simple chord songs? I have played bass for 6 months roughly and I guess I know some basics. But what about the guitar? I am not unfamilliar with it, but if I want to pick it up seriously and play songs with solos in them and all, where do I start? What do I start with?
i guess that scales wouldn't hurt but i would recommend playing some simple songs that you enjoy in the beginning at least. Thats pretty important to keep the motivation up. So grab your guitar play some easy rock-chord songs at first and have fun!
scales i would suggest the minor pentatonic, major pentatonic, and blues scale to build some strength and speed
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secondly, a teach yourself book or a guitar teacher is probs best

after that, listen out for songs that sound easy to play, then learn them from tab.
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So any advice on some simple rock chord songs then? Like Back to Black and Smoke on the Water or what?