I know this is a guitar forum but theres probably some people who play or know about keyboards around here.
I want to start playing keyboard but im not sure whats the difference between synth and a keyboard. Does the synth like have a load of effects or something?And i want to play kind of children of bodom stuff so which one should i get?
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synths take some getting used to, whereas keyboards have some cool sounds, are far cheaper, and much easier to use...so start off with a keyboard, and then MAYBE get a synth once you're used to keyboard
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I dont have a keyboard but i just bought a synth. Depends on what you want if all you want is piano sounds then get a keyboard but if you want all shorts of crazy sounds get the synth. I'd get a smaller synth like a micro korg then just buy a midi keyboard if you want more octaves. (i've got a Korg Micro X for crazy sounds and an upright Piano for... well piano the synth is a bit more portable )