Anyone know any other bands like Breathe Carolina? I just got into them a little while ago. I wanted to find other bands like them that have singing/screaming mixed with electronica. Any suggestions are appreciated!!
Breathe Carolina is the devil
but if it's what your into then whatev
may i recommend Scary Kids Scaring Kids if you're into screaming/singing/synth
but they're not dance music, they're real music so i don't know if you'll like them
ha yea i usually don't listen to anything like breathe carolina usually but for some reason i like them. i have been listening to SKSK for years. the music i usually listen to is like circa survive, coheed and cambria, dance gavin dance, and other screamo and rock bands. daft punk is alright but not really appealing
Sky Eats Airplane is the obvious answer. Their first album, "Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day" is, in my opinion, much better than their new Self-titled album, in fact, it's brilliant.