I have been playing guitar for about a year. I mostly play acoustic guitar and i know lots of songs on acoustic ( over the hills and far away,stair way to heaven, lots of matchbox 20, and alot more songs). I started on eletirc and moved on to acoustic. now i want to move on to difficult solos and songs on the eletric ( fastest song i know is black dog). I just started useing alternate picking alot and I am getting the hang of it. I can't sweep to save my life. I want to learn like cliffs of dover or like free bird (solo) but i don't think i can pick fast enough and I was wondering if I should start working on hard solos like free bird or easyier ones and work my way up.If there are any easy semi fast solos That anyone can Tell me about that would be helpful. Also when it comes to building speed should i just practice a bunch of scales and if so what scales. I like oldies rock and roll and metal and some blues. thanks in advance
by learing a song that you know your going to suck at and practicing it intell you know how to play it will improve your playing more then a song that you know you will be able to play most of so I say go for freebird.
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