im playing mostly heavy stuff, dont mind my amp, right now all i got is a ****ty guitar and im borrowing my friends amps, which are soldano,mesa,vox,hiwatt amps so i think im good for now. now to the guitar, it looks pretty good for the money and the pickups are the only active pickups i would ever even consider, anyone have any experince with these personally. my friends say there amazing, but ive never actually heard them myself.....i know.
Shecters are good guitar, the blackjack is awesome. But TS you might wanna consider getting your OWN amp, you can't rely on other peoples' amps
i know, im saving up but for shows i dont exactly have anything that can stand up so im also borrowing his prs....i dont think i can go back :P im getting a valveking soon anyways. ive only been using his amps for like 1 week now, and he doesnt care how long i have it for. he has 10 half stacks and 2 ac 30's. he owns a studio so he has everything.
go for it
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I love Schecters. Love. If you like the specs and everything I wouldn't hesitate to get it. After looking at the competition, of course.
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