I saw the GNX4 in a Guitar World Mag and it's 500$ at my nearest Guitar center and i don't know if its worth it or not? any suggestions?
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in my opinion i would rather have individual stompboxes that are great rather than one multieffects box that the effects arent great, if you want i think the boss ME series is supposed to be better, and i think you can find the gnx4 used for much cheaper than 500
The GNX4 honestly isn't that great. Erock uses it for his recordings though and he gets some pretty good recordings using a mic in it.

For that much money, if you really want a multi-effects, I think you'd be much better off getting something like a Boss GT-8 or Line 6 POD. However, neither one is going to really sound too great on your Spider and deffinately isn't going to make it sound any better. Get a new amp, you could get a pretty nice amp for that price.
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the GNX3 & GNX4 really don't cooperate very well with amps. They record directly very nice though.
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