Ok so I would like to tweak my distortion more than what my amp can offer so,

This is what I would like:
A pedal that offers enough settings to cover a lot of mainstream/classic rock like:
Fall out boy, my chemical romance, MAYLENE & the SONS ,boys like girls, taking back sunday, guns n roses, etc.

but also a pedal that offers enough gain to do those more squealy hardcorish bands like the devil wears prada, underoath, a day to remember, etc.

*note* yesterday people suggested the electro harmonix metal muff for these ^^^
bands, but i want a pedal or sumthing that can be set for those plus punk/pop/alt. orck songs too.

im wondering if the BOSS MD-2 mega distortion will do, it has the EQ knobs plus dist. & gain knobs.
my music instructor suggested a nice super overdrive pedal than a distortion pedal to top it off

any suggestions?
I dont think you can get a pedal to do all of that, The metal muff is very nice, but you might want to check out some boss distortions pedals for those classic tones.
Get a zoom 606 II or whatever, depends of course on how much you want to spend. Also if you have been playing 1-3 years and won't be a complete perfectionist over sound you don't need a full vai set up or something to get a tone you like for each band.
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i'de go with the boss ds1... it works for me =)
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i'de go with the boss ds1... it works for me =)

i would say the ds-1 would cover pretty much of that but not the hardest stuff, you´ll need at least two different pedals!

EDIT: you got a modelling amp, and a pretty decent one, you should find all the tones you´ll ever need in it? (at least it should be so )
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You basically got everything you need in that Flextone, as far as versatility goes. One of the better SS amps too.
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