So I was browsing the 'Tube a few minutes ago trying to expand my musical horizons and came across this weird three stringed Japanese instrument strangely reminiscent of a banjo, called a shamisen. I then found this video of these two guys just rocking the fuck out on them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGfvk_Z5390&feature=related

Share your weird, uncommon musical instrument tastes.
That was amazing. I goatta say that is even more awesome than a sitar, and I love sitar.
holy crap, thats amazing, how did you find that?
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that **** made me lol

i once saw a turtle shell with some strings
the guy who played that thing pwned pretty much
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that was ****ing win!
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Oh wow, I gotta get me one of those. But here's the REALLY awesome part.

My people...on tv...and they didn't embarrass me!!!
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It wouldn't have sounded nearly as good without the electric guitar behind it.

Yes. Traditional instruments dont always need unnecessary "bitchen" guitar behind them.
I recall an instrument that was basically an upside down bowl and you hit it with your hands. It made the most enchanting sounds ever.

If only i could remember what it was called
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