This is prolly the wrong time of year to be posting something up like this, but the other day a couple friends and I somehow got the subject of haunted places where we lived, later that night we checked out a bunch of these places.

First up, we went to this abandoned insane asylum, it was the weirdest thing going there, we were all psyched up and stuff going to break into haunted places and ****.

Now, note that this street is the immediate first right after an exit from the highway so, when we saw the place going down the ramp we all suddenly got the chills because quite frankly it was a damn creepy sight, garbage in the road, plant life going crazy, stuff like that.

We were about to turn into the street when the car out of nowhere stalled on us, we started getting a little antsy, and thoughts of ghosts and stuff started going through our heads and stuff, when we looked behind us there was a car coming down the exit ramp, you know, no big deal right? When all of a sudden it starts speeding at us. We all start yelling at Ben (the guy driving) to get this f***** started and to get us going!

It started and we plowed down the street with the guy right on our ass, the street was a dead end with a right turn leading to the asylum and some houses accross the street leading to another dead end.

So we go down that road with the guy behind us, what we did was we dove into someones driveway and let the guy pass. We started to back out and turn around and stuff, realization kinda started to flow back into our head.

Maybe the guy lives down here right? We turned around, and started going when I looked back and saw the guy started to turn around too! I told Ben to "HAUL ASS DAMN IT!".

We got out of there and went got back on the highway, by then Ben was paranoid as hell, we were telling him the guy was gone now, but he started kind of freaking and decided to go to the mall and hang there for a while. So we did.

Later that same night we went back to the asylum, nothing happened, we looked in to see that someone had bought out the place and renovated it and was planning to make it into some apartment or something.

From there we went to a "haunted" church out in the middle of nowhere (we live in Texas, LOTS of flat plains), on someones private property, so we parked down the road a little and ran through a field to where the church and the guys house was, the church was pretty big made of stone and stuff, we went around it looking for a way in, it was pretty funny around the second or third door trying, we tried to open the door and the exact time we turned the knob, all of these bats started flying out from this hole in the wall by the door.

Scared the living hell out of everyone, no one was expecting it. Anyway we finally found that the front doors were unlocked, so we went in, everything was dark, and an erie silence fell as soon as we closed the doors.

Of course, we forgot flashlights so we took out cell phones to at least make out corners or something. It was rather disappointing because everything was clean and in order and everything, but we kept going.

You know that feeling you get when you start freaking yourself out? You know, you feel like someones watching you, you start hearing things, you begin to hear breathing, stuff like that.

All of those were going through my head because i was the guy in the back, i was freaking out so bad, mostly because im a religeous person I guess, i kept thinking to myself, "I might be damning my soul to hell right now and not knowing it".

We got to the back of the church, where the alter is, and looked around and found a door to what we thought was a basement but only turned out to be stairs to the back door.

Finding nothing scary we headed back out to the car a little disappointed, Ben and Garret went up ahead to the car, me and Gage stayed back checking some stuff out outside the Church, when the lights in the house right next to the church went on and a dog started barking.

Of course we FLIPPED OUT! Hauled balls back to the car, started shouting at Ben and Garret. "GET THE CAR STARTED! THEY'RE ONTO US!" They got in and turned the car around and started going away slowly, me and Gage hauled ass trying to get in the car, he got in, but my door was locked and we couldn't get it unlocked for like 20 ft. I finally got in and we sped off. Nothin like adrenaline pumping to get you wanting more.

Down the road from there was supposed to be an equally "haunted" grave yard, sadly nothin interesting happened there. We found this one grave that had a statue with it's head broken off, we help the poor guy out and put it back on.

The last place we went that night was an abandoned grainery, where supposedly some person hung themself or something, i don't recall the story right now. This was a pretty large structure here, the building part had 7 floors the storage part on the other side was twice as tall.

To say the least, the place was reeally run down, trees growing inside the cement structure, giants pieces of machinery have fallen down from the top. Windows were broken out, graffiti on the walls, a miserable looking place. The entire area was surrounded by a barbed wire fence, and the gates were locked so we climbed over the fence, and walked into the grainery, went down a hallway for a bit, when we saw a faint trace of light, we kept going, to see what was making this light. Afterall, you would think that an abandoned grainery wouldn't have electricity.

We searched around for a bit and found a barred doorway that we could look through, what we saw was kinda crazy. There was a light, but it was also accompanied by a couch, exercise bike, fridge, the works, it was pretty crazy to see in a run down place like this. I asked my friends if they saw the same thing as me, and well, they did, so I guess i wasn't going crazy. It never accoured to us that there might be hobos there or something that would want our money's.

Walking around, we found a small metal bat and a large wrench of some kind. Just in case, safety first you know! We found these concrete steps and went up to a higher level to check it out. These stairs were scary scary scary, they had these hugemongous windows next to them with no rails or anything, so if you lost your balance you were ****ed.

we kept going up levels, to this point where we thought the steps were far too thin to keep going. We were about 3 levels up so far, we had to cross the big open room that was all filled with machinery at one time, where they used to be, there were these HUGE holes in the floor. So we had to be careful.

We got to the other side and found another set of stairs, these ones were much more friendly looking, these windows had bars at least. We kept going up, reading all the graffiti that people have written there before. We had to go back to the other set of stairs because this set stopped at level 5. When we were going back to the other side, we found what looked like a shower facility at one time, Gage went in with the bat and started prodding around for reasons only he knows.

He hit something metallic, and I guess some pigeons were nesting in there cause roughly 8 pigeons came out and fly at us and stuff, this freaked out Gage, who started screaming, which in turn made us all start screaming.

We found the stairs, and started heading up when Garret said you guys can keep going, ill stay here, I asked him what was up. He said he was terrified of heights and agreed to stay there, so we went up the last two floors and were disappointed that nothing was happening that was interesting. Ben went down, and it was just me and Gage there, we looked around and threw a rock in a random direction, where it hit a metallic something, then we heard a groaning noise and saw something moving in the corner.

I was was like LET'S GTFO!!! I don't know why but for some reason, Gage brought this bag of fire crackers with him, for a joke or something, I don't know, but he pulled that out and lit them all and told me to run. The resulting bangs were deafening compared to the hushed whispering we used on the way up the building.

We ran all the way down dodgeing all the holes in the ground and making sure not to fall out the windows. We got outside finally, to the barbed wire fence, when we heard dogs barking in the background all over the place. We started kind of panicking cause, where theres a dog, there's usually an owner.

We all were over the fence in a matter or seconds, Ben on the otherhand is a much larger person than us, we had to help him over. Held down the wire, and tried to get the fence at a better angle for him and stuff. He finally got over and we hauled balls to the car.

We would have checked out more but, it was well after 2 in the morning and we were beat.

Anyone have any interesting ghost stories? or know about some haunted places? or about going to haunted places with interesting stories behind them? POST!
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What kind of story was that? "We went here here and here, post your stories." -_-

Oh, and your Caboose quote is epic win.
Wrong time of year? What, are ghosts seasonal or something?

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At a catholic church in my town they took a picture of the chapel and when the developed it Mary was standing at the altar with the rosary and it wasn't there when the picture was taken
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yeah.. there is an abandoned hospital in our town... me and 2 mates of mine went there one rainy day, coz we had nowhere to go (like i said it was raining)
so we broke the glass on the door and went inside... it was just like in a movie.. i was like.. omfg ...
well we went upstairs.. to check out what's there... all of the sudden there was a great silence... and the very next moment.. we heard footsteps.. (the sound of a woman walking)... we were so ****ing scared we ran out of the building (my mate cut his hand on our way out)... there are more stories about that building.. but that's one of them... it really did scare the $hit out of me...

EDIT it sounds like we were were scared because of some stupid sound.. but it's kinda impossible to describe (at least for me)
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we broke into an old unused hotel which was quite scary. there was a pool table inside so we just played pool there.
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i was a mobile janitor once upon a time, and me and my coworker got sent to clean a building that was fairly vacant at the time. i got a weird vibe right off the bat from the place, it was the last building on the street and next to some really crazy looking woods.

well, we go in and the place is really strange- curving halls and all sorts of little odd things about the layout.

we went upstairs to the 'big room', i suppose it would be filled with cubicles and such had the place been in use. as it was , it was just a big clean room, no real clutter, and it had carpeting.

we were halfway accross the room (roughly the size of a basketball court) and a door on the other side of the room, which we were facing, slammed shut.

we looked at each other, and decided whoever was in that room wasnt supposed to be there, and we were gonna knock them out with the brooms we had. i unscrewed the broom head off mine, and we cautiously approached the room where the door had slammed.

he opened the door and yelled "get the hell out" or something, and nothing happened.

we looked in, and it was an empty office, no windows or closets or other doors, and no reason why the door had slammed shut from the outside of the office

creepiest thing ever happened to me. i'll never go back in there.

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i LOVE ghost stories. unfortunately, they creep me out.

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