I desperately need a good electric guitar (since my jazzmaster got nabbed a couple days ago), and all I have is my old squier strat. I also only have about 300 bucks to my name. A friend told me I should pop some texas special pickups in it and I'm wondering if this is a good idea. Are there better pickups I should use, or would putting them in a low quality guitar be useless? I play a wide variety of music from noise rock to bluesy stuff. Thanks in advance for any help.
If u can, get another guitar, like maybe an Epi SG, which run only about $300. If u want pickups, get some '70s Strat pickups. I think they would be more versatile than Texas Specials.
Just save up another 100 dollars and you can by a Mexican strat, which are way better than squiers
Like I said, I'm dirt poor and have to have the guitar ready by midweek when the band I'm in starts touring. So I can't really save up. BTW, I've tried the Mexican and don't think its a big step up. Putting in some 150 dollar pickups seems ideal to me, though I can't say I know much about guitar tech.