i did search this but didnt get any helpful answers to my situation

i just sanded down the neck on my SG a little bit to give me that "worn" feeling all the way over the neck like it was at the first frets.

but now im unsure as to whether or not i should oil it or refinish it or not because i think i may have taken too much off

here are three pics of the neck now

have i taken too much off that i would need to oil or refinish? i was thinking of putting tung oil on as ive heard it keeps that same smoothness. now, where would i get that and how much/how often should i apply it?
There are several types of tung oil. Tru oil is good but gives you more of a laquer feel and offers the best protection as far as tung oil goes. It is available in the gun section at wal mart. There is formbys and others that are available at pretty much any hardware store. I would do it though, changes in moisture levels can hurt an unfinished neck. Depends on where you live I guess.

I'll let someone else give you instructions.
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