i used the search and checked the stickies. i hope this is the right place to put this, sorry in advance if im wrong.

im working on a project guitar and need suggestions on what pickups to use. the body is an old mustang so it needs to be two single coil size pickups. i play rock, metal, alternative, and blues. im not worried about it sounding like a typical mustang so dont take that into consideration. and id like to be able to get both pickups new for 150 to 200 USD. any help?
I say a Lace red for the bridge and maybe a Lace blue or something with medium output for the neck.
I'm particularly fond of Duncan Hot Rails, if you like single coil humbuckers.

that and I'd check out some Bill Lawrence pickups.
Really hit and vibrant.

Just my personal opinions though ^^
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For metal and rock, I swear by DiMarzio, and so do Vai, Malmsteen, Howe, Moore, Thal, and a host of others. Take a look at their website, they have a great design that makes it easy to check out how each pickup sounds and who plays 'em.
Do you want single coils or single coil sized humbuckers?

I think a single coil in the neck, and a single coil sized humbucker in the bridge would be awesome. Then put a coil split for the bridge humbucker for a hum canceling in the middle position.

I'm thinking, Seymour Duncan Little '59 in the bridge. And an SSL-2 in the neck.

I don't like the Hot Rails, personally.