Tot Baby Lastwagen is my band weve only had 1 real practice but we did decent. Were looking for songs to cover. We have a very good guitarist, good singer, decent bassist, and good drummer also an unofficial rhthym guitarist who I need to teach before hes in.
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Well do alot of stuff except for the following bands
Fall Out Boy,My Chemical Romance,Dragonforce, any other emo band or band who calls themselves metal. Emphasis placed on NO EMO or nickelback.
I think you guys could pull off a Coheed and cambria song, like maybe Welcome Home. depending on how good your drummer is, No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age would be a good cover. Or maybe something like Crystal Skull or Seabeast by mastodon, if your drummer can do it.
Thanks for that Im the drummer and I can pull alot of stuff off as long as the bass isnt really fast I dont got a double bass at the moment.