I wouldnt call you guys Post Hardcore at all, i think you guys need to practise ALOT and tighten up all your music and try make your songs more complicated.
And who ever screams is a rubbish screamer. Not trying to be to mean but your songs were basic and they got boring fast.
www.bebo.com/bestleftunsaid check it out.
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why do people even bother putting crappy recordings on their myspace??? damn! its so annoying.... Nobody an truely hear the music, if it were any good to begin with ... everybody in the band put in $100 and get a good recording...
Thanks guys. We've been working on those kinds of things, and i think we're getting somewhat better.

As for the recording quality. I know it sucks. But we have someone setting up a recording studio thing in their basement and when their done we'll record our final tracks.