I didn't know what board this should be in, so I'll post it here.

I have been wanting to buy one, but I don't really want to spend loads of money, just something to get me into it.

Would a cheap Stagg harmonica be any good?

Thanks for any help.
I would suggest a Hohner Blues Harp. I have one and it is awesome and you can get a good one for under $30 (US).
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There tends to be little price difference between a decent and a rubbish harp. I'd recommend a Hohner Special 20; about £10-£20 ($20-$40). How much does the Stagg model cost?
Buy a Hohner Marine Band (10 hole diatonic) in C or D (2 hole draw is easier on D for beginners)

Special 20 would work fine too.
I bought a couple of Hohner SilverStar's (in C and A) the other day to get started (AU$10 each). I wouldn't recommend them.
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just get a blues harp. its only slightly more expensive than a crappy one and sounds better
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I have a Hohner Marine Band in D and it's great for just mucking around, quite cheap as well.

Don't bother with Marine Band; get a Big River, which is by Hohner but cheaper too. In harmonica, body material does not matter, so a wooden body will only make it hard to repair or clean.

And make sure you buy the right key... harpers ten to play on 2nd hole draw for blues scales and its effects. The associated key is of following

Major - Blues
Bb F