Hey I searched the columns lessons and forums for help with rundowns. Can anyone link to to some tabs with some rundowns or something??? Also, what are some rundowns for barre chords? I dont know if I posted this in the right place, sorry If I didnt.

maybe thats why I couldnt find anything... I got that term from one of pick n grins video lessons here on UG. Its usually a little cool bass line in between chords.

Ex. if you're switching from a D to a C you might hit (on the A string) open (A), B, C each individually and then hit the C chord.
so they are kind of like fills? i think i know what you're talking about.
ohh yeah. i got ya now. for the C to G he's just going down the C major scale until he reaches the G. those rundowns he uses in that video are the most common ones, and probably the most important ones to know.
thanks, how would you go about doing it for a barre chord? would you used the major scale as well?
hmm. I think so. it would be movable because it's a barre chord. I try not to use rundowns and barre chords at the same time because it doesn't really sound too great, and it's a bit of a stretch. they sound best with open chords, and if you want it higher, you can use a capo like in the video you showed me.

some of my favorite examples of rundowns are by the band Oasis. "Don't Look Back in Anger" and "Whatever" are pretty good examples, a lot like the songs pick'n'grin mentioned in the video.