Is anyone else counting down the days until May, when Death Cab's Narrow Stairs is released? Listened to that bumpin' bassline on their studio teaser an upwards of a thousand times?
This thread's for Death Cab's new album; publicity, anticipation, concerns as to their new sound, etc.
From their UG interview it says it'll be a lot louder. I'm stoked.

PS. I checked the Death Cab thread, there was a mention or two about the new album, nothing too elaborate though. So i figure a new thread about it will be acceptable.
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I can't wait. It's gonna be mindblowing.

I just bought Chris Walla's Field Manual, and it's nothing short of amazing.
Need to get that Chris Walla album, loved Give Up by Postal Service and Home Volume 5 by Ben and some other randomer

Yeah, apparantly they mostly listened to sludegy metal while making this. DCFC go metal? Should be epic

I just hope it's not as acoustic-y/ballady as Plans. Needs a bit more venom.
yeah, i heard a few of the songs on youtube that ben played at a show last year, it sounds like its gonna be pretty good.
I'm very curious. I haven't listened to Death Cab in a while though, so I think I can wait. How about the album opener apparently being 9 minutes long? That's pretty crazy.

Chris Walla's solo deal wasn't too special, there are maybe four really good songs on that album.
I'm scared and excited for this. I didn't buy Plans.
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by Ben and some other randomer

The guy from American Analog Set isn't exactly a randomer, but anyway...

9 minute opener? Might be quite interesting but don't know how well DCFC will pull that off.
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