Hello everyone, Im sorry I havnt properly introduced myself, I love your forum! Great content, AWESOME players. I hope this is the right section to post this, if not, im sorry. Ill get to me later but right now im kinda on a mission...

Ive been searching various guitar forums for a man named Kelly O'Shea (or O'Shay). I consider him my guitar mentor. The last time I seen him was in Duluth Minnesota around 97-98, but I think he is actually from somewhere down south. He is a shorter guy, about 5'5"-5'8", chubby with black hair(bald on top). As far as distinguishing marks he has scars on his wrists from carpel tunnel(sp) surgery.

He is an AMAZING player, Id say rooted in blues but he can play rock, jazz, and country as well, and I know hes is still active in music, he has to be. It was his life. He had pictures of himself onstage w/ Kansas, so I know hees been around. He also is a user of "illicit substances". Which worries me.

He would know me as "Lightning Jack from FPC Duluth".

If anyone has ANY information on his whereabouts, or has even met, heard of him, please, reply to this post or pm me. One might wonder how one could lose track of his mentor, but the circumstances of our relationship is a long story.

Thank you very much, ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.