Is there any harm in leaving my tube amp out in cold weather for extended periods of time? My garage isn't heated like the rest of the house.. and its probably around 40 degrees out.
Siberia once had -90.4 I believe. Not too bad. Amp could probably survive there.
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He said about 40 degrees.
Maybe as long as you let it warm up before you play it, it'll be fine? I dunno. I've had mine set out in my car trunk for like a day before during winter and it worked great the next day (after letting it warm up). But, my amp is a tank, so i'm not sure how good your amp will hold up.
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i leave my amps out in my garage, which probably gets to 25degrees at it's coldest. just make sure to let your amp warm up for a bit longer than usual and you should be fine.
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tubes have no problem with cold, they can work in up to -50 C cold environments. tough little buggers
It will make it sound a little differently when you first turn it on, but after they warm up they should sound normal
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