During the opening riff, is the pull off supposed to sound like you just regularly hit the open string with a pick? Does anyone just hit the string with the pick instead of pulling off? Also, this opening riff is fast as hell.

it really isnt all that hard...just pick the first open note and the second.
its easier to pull off as the riff is "fast as hell"
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you should pull off... it doesn't sound as good if you pick the note.
If you're having major troubles with this, then maybe try a new song... Layla isn't exactly the easiest song out there to play.
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its easier to pull off as the riff is "fast as hell"

what he said, the pull off is fast enough I don't even think about it.
I pick four times when I do it. the A string 0h3 the D string 0h3p0 the A string 3rd fret and the D string 0.
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