well i wrote this when i learned that one of my bestfriends girlfriend had cancer
(we're only 13), and wasnt doing well in the hospital. He told me in school and i couldnt get it out of my head, so i wrote this. Its not too good cause im kinda a beginner so a lot of critiqueing (did i spell that right?) would help. i also edited it once because my friends mom died from cancer that same week, so there are references from both.

Its just the best going first
The regrets of a life time
How does he choose them?

She cared for me
and i cant seem
to find out why
he goes down...

All i do is wonder why
and they cry...through the night...
Did she ever live it out?
Such an abrupt goodbye...

so maybe i have pains
But to compare
I know that i can survive....

why cant he save one more?
She was my life
and now i just watch life pass her by

All we do is ask why
and we cry...through the night...
I hope she lived life out
It was just such an abrupt...goodbye...