It's known that here in the U.S., hating the government is very popular. I respect your opinion. The constitution says you can hate the government all you want (Hmm, irony?) You can say whatever's on your mind about it. You can even go change it if you want. I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who hasn't jumped on the anarchist bandwagon.
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Depends on what she's on top of. If she's on top of my pizza I'm gonna have to scissor kick a bitch.

I dont hate it, and i dont hate George Bush. People would complain if he pulled the troops back and we got bombed, now wouldnt they?

Edit: V good point, reported.
When all else fails, ask the pit.
i think they do more good than bad, but it could be hella better.

i definately dont hate the government.
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lmao XxGloriousxX is a genius

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You guys fail. Except for you Glorious. You win.

Once again.
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I would shoot them to death yes, but trying to aim for non-leathal, hoping they live.

which one is it Guitarfreak777?
i like the idea of government. i do not like the way ours sometimes operates.
Sadly, it's the best we can get. Sure somethings are f-ed up, but I prefer this over the real hell holes in other countrys.