120 kills baby :]
cool game
UG's condensed package of adrenaline

i am not liable for anything stated above
▼ but he is ▼
This is fun when theres like 4/5 in the room, but more than that and iit's just to manic.

It told me i'd got a 10 kill award after like 30 secs and I didn't know i'd actually killed ANYONE
I was in second most of the game, then it got boring, so I quit.
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lol i suck at this game
Edit: haha -33 score and i havent killed anything
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it has got 2 the point where if i leave and then come bak under a new user name i am much higher in rank

i suck!!!!
i was owned so many times. i hit people but it was like the bullets just went right over them..
For those who care.
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