My friend just recently got me into a few really good German rappers, and since my favorite kind of music is metal, I was wondering if anyone knew any metal bands whose lyrics are in German.

I don't care if the band is from Germany, only if they sing in German.

Also I'll take any metal, Death Metal, Grindcore, Metalcore, or hardcore bands...doesn't really matter to me... just want to find some good stuff

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Dude, with a name like Cannibal Corpse, what were you expecting? Ponies and rainbows?

Along with Rammstein, Heaven Shall Burn and there were a few others that haven't come to mind yet
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Blind guardian, Rammstein, Necrophagist are the first ones that come to my mind.
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Tankard are awesome but don't really have many songs in german

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uh ... is Ulver german?

i thought necrophagist were turkish, or i think mohammad is, i dunno i guess its just semantics
Rammstein and Eisbrecher! There's also Megaherz and OOMPH!.

Every time I say OOMPH!, I think about saying oompha-lumpa...
^^Mohammad is of turkish decent but the band is german.
If you like Necrophagist check out Deadborn and Obscura.
Yup, it's called Soul Collector. One of my all-time favourite DM albums.
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Excrementory Grindfuckers
Grindcore/Porncore or what the genre now may be called. I bet you already have heard them.

There is this thrashy german band called Wapenspraak en Drinkelag too. Try them out.
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Helrunar and Farsot sing in German, if you don't mind your metal black. They're both pretty good, if generic.
Rammstein, Emigrate, OOMPH!, Megaherz
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Neaera. They are a German band similar to Heaven Shall Burn. I consider them more metalcore than metal, but these guys are all I can think of atm.
Necrophagist, Kreator, and Destruction don't sing in German guys...

edit- yeah.. wut tehbensonzorz said...
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Great Band, but their lyrics are in English.
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