1) im looking for a hard, crisp, screaming overdrive (early ozzy, evh kinda thing, but still has the subtle ods like slash). i have a full tube amp, but i play mostly at low volumes, so completely ignore natural tube od effects. i was looking into the fulltone ocd and its great, but i see a lot of big name players whos tone im shooting for, using the boss sd-1, but that could be because their tube od mixes well with it, and as i said thats not an option for me. any other suggestions or comments on the ones i mentioned?

2) delay pedal. i need a delay that can handle a lot of gain (which i heard the ehx echo cant). i see the dd-6 and dd-3 from boss are great. is the extra effect on the dd-6 worth the money? any other suggestions?

3) are tuner pedals really worth the money?

thanks all
i cant help you with 1 and 2 but i can tell you for 3. the TU-2 is a great tuner and i use it for my gigs all the time it powers other pedals as well when you get the cord for it. its worth the money. i got mine for $99 at GC. dont be afraid to buy it. its worth the extra money. and you can also use it to silent everything. step on it to silent your amp instead of turning down the volume on your guitar. thats just another thing you can do with it besides using it as a tuner..
well the reason i ask if they are worth the money because i hear they are far more accurate than regular hand helds. is this true?
you might want to check out the zvex box of rock. and the fulltone ocd
cant go wrong with either
1. I second the 'Box of Rock' suggestion by s.r.v., it's got a great range of adjustment and is one of the better sounding pedals I've come across.

2. It would be really easy to recommend an Eventide Time Factor, but it's quite pricey. The best alternative I know of is the (yes I'm going to say it and not feel ashamed) Line6 Delay. It's well featured, sounds excellent, and is remarkably easy to use. Maybe they can't make amps, but their delay is outstanding.

3. Yes. Look at the Korg DT-10 as well as the Boss that was suggested above.
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TS, I thought the difference between the two boss delays was the delay time. the cheap one is for faster delay like "slap back" etc. and the more expensive is for longer delay times for playing over yourself, or creating ambience. I could be wrong, but that's how I understood it, i think you're right that the DD-6 does have something extra: reverse delay, it's a fun effect, but who really uses it? I thought the DD-20 looked like the best of both worlds.
2. The Digitech Digidelay is a nice digital delay. It has pretty much the same effects as the DD-6, you can get it cheaper than the DD-3, and personally I prefer its sound to the sound of the Boss pedals.
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i was looking at the digitech but am i correct in saying theres no feedback setting...im almost positive there isnt...and i really liked that.
if you don't need to tune at the drop of a hat (i.e., live shows), i'd just get a handheld tuner. I'm happy with my korg CA-40 and it was only $16. I guess if you already had a lot of pedals to power, the footpedal version would have its advantages.
1. +1 to ZVEX box of rock
2. DD-6 tap tempo feature is great.
3. Only if you get one cheap.
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