What is it?

Probably a lame question, really. But it was sold to me as an "Ibanez Prestige RG" and I'm thinking of selling it, but I have no idea what I should bill it as. Note: I bought it because I liked it, not because I am a guitar n00b

As far as I can tell, it's halfway between the RG1570 and the RG2570. It does NOT have DiMarzio/Ibanez pickups like the 2750, it just has the V7-S1-V8 array, but it has a sparkly silver finish, unlike the 1570. The finish is not quite the same, too, because Vital Silver appears to have a sort of spotty-ish pattern, whereas mine is just flat sparkly silver. The rep at the place where I bought it said it was early 90s.

Dunno if this matters, but the back of the headstock is not smooth, more it lumps outwards forming an edge under the nut.

Have a look at my profile pics for closer detail. The modifications I have made to it are only the vinyl on the front (which is removable and probably horrible) and the flame-trussrod plate, which I have also kept the original.

Much appreciated, everyone.

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Quick glance, it's an RG570 in Silversand finish with a Lo-Pro Edge.
Aha That would fit, thankyou.

Any idea what it's worth, just out of interest? It is in good condition (a few minor dings), recently serviced, new strings, etc. No hard case, unfortunately. Worth more with/without mods?
On eBay, I'd say about £250 - £400. But really, that's extreme cases, they generally go for £300. It's more popular brother, the RG550, goes for about £300+ and is the exact same as your guitar except for the maple fretboard and pickguard.

Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple neck, rosewood fretboard. I'm not sure what specific neck yours has (Wizard 1? Super Wizard?) though.
Pickups: V / S series
Bridge: Lo Pro Edge (excellent bridge!)

Why you selling it anyway? With a pickup swap, this guitar ****in slays! :
It's a lovely axe, yeah but it doesn't suit my style I tried a nice old Strat the other day and it was just delicious...

I really do like the Ibanez, but it doesn't cut the mustard when it comes to tuneful clean stuff, unfortunately... And the neck doesn't feel quite right for me.

Call me weird, I know
That's actually a 1570, what with the Prestige neck and Edge Pro (yep, that's one of them). I've seen a few of them in that very finish, but they're not very widespread.

I'd put back the original trussrod and brush off the vinyl, and offer it to folks on UG, I can see that being a fairly desireable thing.
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