Hey, i found a duncan set in a guitar that id part out, its got the JB SH-4 in the neck, and the TB-4 in the bridge. Now, in the schecter classic, which i love, it has the SH-4 in the bridge. are these pickups the same? or isthere an SH-4 neck pickup/bridge pickup. And i cant find anything about the TB-4 onthe tone chart or anything on the duncan site. any ideas?
The TB-4 is the same as the SH-4, but the TB-4 is the one that has what they call "trembucker spacing". The pickups have the same voicing, the TB-4 is for the bridge pickup slot if you have a trem bridge of some sort.
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excellent, just got the sh-4 and the tb-4 for 90 bucks, right out of a brand new guitar. guy replaced them with livewires. i doubt ill put a JB in the neck though, thats just a little over powering.