Ok so im going to GC right now and I want to try some tube amps to make an upgrade from my MG

My question is how do i turn on/off tube amps?
Whats the stand by switch for?
How much time do i need to wait?

Also what amps would u suggest me to start playing?
My budget is from 1000-1500$ Ive been saving enough for a good amp and i was thinking for a DSL or JSX maybe, i play hard rock hair metal some blues and im starting to some shred
flip it from "off" to "on" wait like 30 seconds and go from "standby" to "on" play
to turn it off, go from"on" to "standby" wait a second then "on" to "off"

standby is so the tubes dont get full voltage immediatly. it helps them warm up
The standby switch is used for its namesake, which is putting the amp in standby. This is for warming up the tubes.


1.Make sure all the dials are set flat and the volume isn't cranked
2.Check if the standby swtich is set 'on', if it is, flick it to the standby position.
3.Turn the amp on.
4.Wait 30 seconds.
5.Turn the standby off.
6. Play

Try out the JSX or maybe a Carvin V3 if you're looking for versatility.

Cheers and good luck hunting!
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these people are 110% correct, i very highly recommend the JSX, great amp, hope you find the amp you're looking for, don't forget to haggle them down, ahaha
JSX would be great for those genres. You'll need to mess about with the EQ for a bit though in my opinion, there is so god damn much you can do with that amp.
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