Hey UG Megadeth fans. I wanted to know if someone knew the base parameters for achieving a tone similar to their "The World Needs A Hero" album, and more specifically the song "Disconnect". The tone is crushing, and I'd like to experiment with it, so if you have any tips (other than "scoop the mids, dude") I'd be very grateful. Thanks all.
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scoop the mids maaan
nah man seriously c fool around until u get something that sounds similar to the tone u want, it might take a while to get it but its how i found alot of my tones
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A hard question, in general...

Actually, Megadeth use lots of mids in their sound. Let's say that in the case of Disconnect you should use more highs and mids. Let's say - bass at 12 o'clock, mids at 2 o'clock and highs at 2 o'clock at most amps. And if you have some sort of Contour or something similar that affects the mids will also help. And keep the gain comparatively low to get that raw sound...