Right now I have a Marshall JCM2000 dsl 50 halfstack, and its a bit much for me. I am looking for a good tubed combo amp for anywhere between $500-1200, and nothing really over 50 watts, to get some of my money back spent on the half stack. I play pretty much anything, but mostly classic rock like zeppelin, allman bros band, but have recently been getting heavily into blues such as SRV, & bb and freddie king. I was thinking mabye a fender but don't know which, and a pedal (maybe tube screamer) to get heavy if needed but i don't plan on going too heavy. I'm also wondering how much i could get for my half stack, its brand new only a year old no problems whatsoever. Oh, I also play a Epiphone lp black beauty. Any suggestion is appreciated.
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omg, carvin amps are amazing, i very highly reccomend them, and yes, i have played them, i've played the V3, the legacy, not the belaire though, but if it has any of the quality of the others i've played, it is an amazing amp, look up soundclips of it
Yeah i just checked out the sound clips of the bel air and it sounds pretty sweet, and the harmony central reviews are pretty good. I still would like to try it out for myself but dunno if GC is gonna have it since they're not a dealer. thanks for the suggestion!

edit: I just checked out the carvin vintage 16 and that sound beautiful! plus it's only $400 and 16 watts! Any experience with these?
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none for me : ( , if you're in california you could go to Carvin's show room and try them out, no idea if anyone else would deal them. sorry.
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Not even close i live in NJ

I say go for it, chances are you'll love it. If not, you can always return it no questions asked, as long as it's within 10 days of the purchase.
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