1) Ibanez Gio - Black
**make offer

2) Nokia 6102i - *Mint*

***Camera Phone, Video, internet (aim, e-mail, weather, ect)

****For AT&T, if you already have a plan just take your sim card out of your old phone and put it into this one and thats it! You have 100% working phone!

*It comes with some ringtones i put on it (eye of the tiger, ghostbusters theme, Africa Song, ect.)

**Comes with cable i bought so I could hook it up to my computer and transfer pics. +cd software.

**Also comes Charger & black clip case to protect the phone!

***Retails for $100 WITHOUT the extras!!
***I'm asking $60 + Shipped FREE!!

3) Fable- The lost chapters (PC Game) (4 disk) **MINT**
-I never got around to playing it because I've been busy!
***I'm asking $15 + Shipped FREE!!

4) Rocktron Rectified Distortion PEDAL
***I'm asking $45 + Shipped FREE!!!

DSC00994(1)edited (Small).JPG
Pics of the Ibanez.
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ahh i remember my ibanez gio dayz..........nice guitar.......somebody offer 130 on it.
$40 for the phone and ALL the extras!!
Its $100 for just the phone at any store you go to!
This ones in new condish with the extras for just $40!!

$35 for the rocktron pedal!!!!

$12 for Fable!!!!

And these are all still shipped FREE!!!!

I'm sorry but I can't go lower than this....These are all GREAT deals and you wont find them cheaper anywhere for these items in the condition they are in...... including ebay!!!

-Good luck!!