hey guys and girls,,,,

i'm not sure im in the right room to ask this question.. but i'm new to the guitar. i have only been playing for about 6 months and i am wanting to learn how to get fast with my fingers.. can someone tell me some warm ups that i can do and some scales that will work out my fingers and get them used to running up and down the neck... thanks.
It all comes with time, just keep playing, you wont be fast the day you pick up guitar.
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ok, try to alternate pick on any scales you use and also make sure you get it perfect before you try to go faster. Id practice the blues scale, a major etc everyday before you start to learn a new song or technique, just to get your fingers warmed up

keep continuing this, means that you move up 1 fret every time.
Start with this training very slow, like 40 BPM. Then, if you really master it keep speeding it up.

This training helped me, and is still helping me, a lot.

hope you do something with it.
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Try this:


Go up to the 12th fret.

Do the same thing again, but go 1-3-2-4 instead.
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is it easier to learn barre chords then chords? i have learned alot of chords and i am trying to learn barre chords but i'm having a hard time getting my fingers to cooperate.