Whenever i play a song, i'm always told to alternate pick. I can alternate pick if i really try to, but its so much easier if i just down pick, especially for powerchords. i usually alt. pick when im playing chords btw, but other then that, its easier not to. so yeah, do all of you? thoughts?
it's good for playing real fast, and it sounds different, but yeah if you are playing powerchord riffs you would genneraly want to use consecutive downstrokes, it sounds better.

oh yeah and wrong forum.
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This is the wrong forum, try advanced techniques in MT, you're better off. Don't forget to search first. *reported*
Alt. picking has nothing to do with chords, you're thinking of strumming.
But yeah, have fun trying to tremolo pick with just downstrokes.
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I generally alternate pick almost everything. Including powerchord riffs, unless I'm palm muting. Or if it's a Ramones song. But on the other hand, the lead guitarist in my band downpicks just about everything. I don't think it matters a whole lot. As long as you can play what you'd like to play.