I'm new to changing strings on an electric, I've only had to do it with acoustic and classical guitars. My Ibanez guitar has a Floating Tremelo (I think this term is right, it's when I can use my tremelo bar and make notes either flat or sharp, cause I can pull upwards a bit), and this is my dilemma.

I bought two sets of strings, both the same brand, something like dean markley, and i bought one package with 9-42 strings, and another with 10-46 size strings. I decided to string it with the 10-46 string set, and I'm having some trouble getting that bridge balanced. It seems that these strings are pulling it harder than my old strings.

The bridge is tilting farther even though I am just at a half step down, I haven't made it to Standard E yet. I checked with a tuning CD and I'm not an octave higher. Is it possible that my guitar can only handle lighter strings, and so I will have to put on the other set?
if the bridge is angled up / then you need more spring tension, if it's angled down \ you need less string tension, most likely you need more spring tension to balance out the stronger pull of the heavier strings
You need an extra spring at the back when changing to 0.10

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I Had That Same Problem, I Went To 9-52. I Had To Get My Springs Adjusted. The Highest Tuning I Can Do Is Drop D.
Hmmm, so i guess the answer would be to take of the 10-46 set and put on the 9-42, because I don't have any springs lying around, but thanks a lot guys, that video and your information really helped me understand more about my guitar.